Monday, July 23, 2012

My friend and neighbor, Amy and I have a cute booth at H&K Flea Market in Houston, MO.  We are really proud of it. Our only problem  is more ideas than time.  Here are a few pictures of  recent creations.

This Vintage Hat Box was falling apart.  I did some repair work, modge poged sheet music , and added some coffee filter flowers.  Now it has a new life.  Pictured along side are some Bird House Books.  I can't take credit for them, I saw them at a favorite blog Red Hen Home.                                      
Below are pictures of Marge the Flapper and Trudy the Stewardess.  I stayed up late in a Modge Podge mood.  These two girls were my creations.  At 1:00 am I didn't think it was odd to give them a name and occupation.    I used old dictionary pages for Marge and sewing patterns for Trudy.  

The next two pictures are Amy's creations.  She is so talented, and has a gift for seeing a new purpose for cool junk.  I call it doing the JUNK JIVE.  I think this is what we are going to name our booth.

The next three are  pictures of our booth.  Amy is the designer and Oggie is the contractor.  This is where I got the idea to put old doors on my kitchen wall.  You may also notice the other half of my kitchen table attached to an old door.  Amy did some painting on this half, looks good.

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